Dartmouth Disability and Accessibility Resources

The Equal Opportunity, Accessibility, and Title IX office is committed to inclusion and belonging at Dartmouth. The ADA/504 Compliance Office supports these goals by ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities. The path to inclusion and belonging begins at meeting the accessibility standards articulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADA), Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, as well as other state and federal statutory requirements that protect individuals' civil rights.

Dartmouth Disability and Access Resources Office

The work of the Dartmouth Disability and Access Resources office is ongoing and two-fold. Consistent with the objectives and expectations of the Office for Civil Rights and the Department of Justice, we strive to ensure Dartmouth is accessible to our community and guests with disabilities.  We recognize and promote that access is a shared responsibility among our colleagues and partners. The Dartmouth Disability and Access Resource office collaborates with campus partners to ensure that a cohesive plan protecting the rights of people with disabilities and their access is developed and maintained for the Dartmouth community. 

Access and Accommodations

Dartmouth is committed to full and equitable access for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. As an institution with over 250 years of rich traditions and modern ideals, we are at a crossroads where access must be planned through thoughtful design and remediated through accommodations.    

Access achieved through modifications and adjustments for individuals with disabilities are frequently referred to as accommodations. Dartmouth's leadership has supported the development of a robust network of disability and access professionals collectively referred to as the Dartmouth Disability and Access Professionals (DDAP) across the schools at Dartmouth.

ADA/504 Appeal Process

Dartmouth's ADA/504 Coordinator (ADAC) provides guidance and support for institutional disability and accessibility priorities. Community members with concerns about Dartmouth's disability accommodation processes should contact the ADA/504 Coordinator for Dartmouth.